Role // Graphic Design, Brand Strategy, Photography
Year // 2014
Type // Student, Self Directed

Killer Convenience.

Killer Convenience is a series of posters I created to create awareness about food deserts. Food deserts are urban areas in which access to good quality fresh food is limited.


Much research was done on this topic and after analysis, the U.S. government doesn’t subsidize these higher quality foods, only processed, manufactured goods for the most part. This drives the prices of convenient food down, which is unhealthy when eaten at the rates that people in food deserts have to eat. The project had to get all of these messages across in one fell swoop.


To drive home the fact that this is a reality to many people, a direct approach was taken. The imagery chosen was supposed to be satire, but no to the point of comedy. Because of the serious nature of the issue, stark and bleached colors were used. The food items were made to look harsh, just as harsh as actual mugshots. It’s also intended to be a unique portrayal in order to get attention. It also slightly feels like a mockery of the advertisement of such goods, which are usually bright and cheerful. The best ideas and designs usually flip perceptions upside down.