Role // Graphic Design, Web Design
Length // December 2012 - March 2013
Type // Paid


Kaprius was a brand dreamt up by two lovers. The name is a combination of thier astrological signs and represents an affinity for craftsmanship and artisan goods. The brand would utilize honey as its main product, and spirits and elixers, and honey by products, as secondary items. The entire brand needed to be crafted from the ground up.


The goal was to create a logo that embodied an old world feel. the product was intended to feel special, almost like a luxury item. The brand itself needed to be able to translate to multiple product applications, including honey, bees wax, candles, and elixirs just to name a few. The overall brand aestetic was intended to convey craftmanship, artistry, and quality.


The design is a combination of “World’s Fair” meets Godiva. An old style san serif typeface was utilized, with bold clean line and black and white, colorized illustration to create the highend craft look and feel. A hexagonal jar was decided upon to call back to the honey jar idea.