Role // Graphic Design, Web Design
Length // December 2012 - March 2013
Type // Paid

Homegrown Garden

Captain Planet Foundation is a non-profit organization that specializes in eco-stewardship. One of it’s initiatives is Project Learning Garden. This program places gardens in schools throughout the nation, and ties the curriculum to the garden to make hands on learning a truly experiential thing. This garden in a box is an idea that would allow the kids already in the program, to continue to learn at home, as well as involve thier family members in what they are learning, to do something that could possible supplement the families diet.


The take home gardening is based on squarefoot gardening, that uses squarefoot plots of land to plant vegetables easily. The kit would be a series, and this was created a a proof of concept. The series could include not only a pizza garden, but a salad garden, a stir fry garden, an italian, garden etc.


The final product includes 4 squarefoot seeded sheets (material still being sourced), vegetable guides, a squarefoot garden overview, and two recipe cards for recipes utilizing the vegetable from the garden. The imagery was all handdrawn (except for the pictures and Captain Planets image). The information had to be shown directly to dissuade from confusion. A vegetable pattern was utilized on the box as well on the inside material. The box was completely hand cut and made from a pizza box template, but was designed in a way that it could be printed offset.