Role // Graphic Design, Web Design
Length // December 2012 - March 2013
Type // Paid

Fox in a Box

Fox in a Box is an interactive, traveling exhibit designed to convey the history, mystery, and wow of the fabulous Fox Theatre to audiences across the state of Georgia. Flexible in its arrangement, the exhibit is showcased in schools, theatres, and other publiclocations for performances, static exhibits, interactive educational experiences, and sharing movies from the Fox’s rich history.


Using the theme of Learn, Play, and Help, Fox in a Box is intended to encourage visitors and participants to embrace the spirit of the Fox and share it with their own communities. The goal was to create an "out of the box" experience for a target audience of elementary school students, that engages them in learning about the Fox Theaters' history and the civil rights movement here in Atlanta. Fox in a Box needed to be fun, highly interactive, and be able to be set up and broken down very easily, in addition to being able to be used in a variety of different venues.


The Project was a collaborative effort between the interior design and graphic design departments at SCAD. I worked with another graphic designer, along side a team of interior designers to help determine the Curriculum, Form & Function, and Graphic Identity. The solution drew inspiration from the Bedouin lifestyle that the fox theater draws much influence from. The design elements were chosen to mimic the materials and aestetic of the Fox Theater itself as well as provide an atmosphere of grandiose mystery.